& achieve your potential

Profit Strategist + Book Keeper

Our BusinessLife System

At Mind Your Money, we use our BusinessLife process to empower you to understand your numbers, set achievable goals and build the systems and processes to support success and guide you towards profitability

We look beyond the business to your whole life, working with you to envisage your ideal BusinessLife – the interplay between all the elements of your life.

We’re more than just bookkeepers, we’re your partner in building the business (and life) you want.

We help you get financially fit so you can realise the full profit potential of your business.

& achieve your potential

Enrika Grogan Bookkeeper Business Strategist Bookkeeper

We all know that business owner. The one who’s in control, has their vision mapped out (and knows how they are getting there).

Confidently leading their business while having the time and energy to spend doing the things they love, with the people they cherish.

Imagine if that person was you.

Bookkeeper Business Strategist

How do we fit into your business?

Well, think of us as your Chief Financial Officer.

We can sort out everything in the bookkeeping department – your accounts, payroll, BAS and end of year preparation.

But more than ‘just’ a bookkeeping service, we’re your strategic business partner.

From analysing your numbers and setting profit goals (and how to achieve them) through to streamlining your systems, our priority is freeing you up to focus on what you do best – leading your business and still have the time to live the life you imagined.

At Mind Your Money, we work with clients who are action-takers, who are pro-active with their planning and strategy – business owners who want to build thriving businesses while having the time and energy to do more of the things that fill their cup.

Delivering you the freedom to be the CEO, not the accounts clerk.

Our clients are ready to do business with more confidence and ease

The Mind Your Money system is designed to work flexibly with where you are now, as well as steering you in the direction you want to grow to.

No matter which stage your business is at, we start with a diagnostic of your BusinessLife so we can get your business financially fit and plan for profit – strategically designing your business so you can step into your ideal business-personal life mix.

Bookkeeper Business Strategist
Mind Your Money BusinessLife Ready

Get BusinessLife Ready

You’re in the early stages of your business but you already know you want to invest in the right foundations – financial, operational and personal. We guide you towards profitability and set you up for success from the outset.

Mind Your Money BusinessLife Savvy

Get BusinessLife Savvy

Some days, you wonder why you even got into business. Cash flow challenges, admin overwhelm, profit fluctuations/losses and no time to think clearly. It’s exhausting but you know there is a better way, and you’re ready for it.

Mind Your Money BusinessLife Pro

Get BusinessLife Pro

Things are good – your business is running well and you’re kicking goals. But you know there is more. You’re ready to grow and need a strategic partner to support you to take your business to the next level and realise full profit potential.

What our clients are saying

We’re proud to deliver professional, approachable support from a reliable bookkeeper and business strategist.

Enrika is the person you need to speak to for all things bookkeeping and business start ups. She has gone above and beyond for our business and is the absolute guru for Xero. It definitely takes the stress out of running a business when you know you have Enrika on your side!

Caitlin Gillies, JCG Ag Solutions

I was new to running a business and really had to start from scratch. There was so much to learn and it seemed very overwhelming.  I found Enrika an invaluable resource in guiding and directing us so that we were able to manage our cashflow during that first 12 months of trading. She has also advised us on our systems and managing productivity both in operations and administration. It is reassuring to have her as part of the team!

Leza, Morris Pest & Weed Control

If you are new to small business, I can’t recommend Enrika enough! I can say without any hesitation had it not been for the help, support and professional direction Enrika shared with me there is no way I would have survived the business start up phase and enjoyed it like I did. Like many first time small business owners I had the idea, creativity and reason of why I wanted to do this. But admittedly despite all my previous employment and studies had no experience or even a stating point of what it would take to set up a business in the background. All aspects, cash flow, accounting software, HR and ATO requirements I was very green, and have learnt so much from Enrika. Employing Enrika during this period was easily the best decision for my business and myself.

Chloe McDougall, Roma and Kay Café

As my business grew, I knew that I could not spend enough time in the office to ensure that I was keeping on top of things. I stumbled across Enrika’s business profile on Facebook and I knew she was what I needed to help me move forward and have more hours in my day to achieve my goals. Enrika is a valuable asset to my business, she has a wealth of knowledge about staff and payroll, GST, bookkeeping and the general running of the day to day business transactions. What is most impressive to me, is that Enrika is willing to educate herself in new POS (Point of Sale) systems and accounting programs and this has enabled her to understand the intricacies of my business. Enrika is not only my bookkeeper, she is my sounding board and helps me achieve my business goals. I would highly recommend Enrika and her team.

Jodie Schell, Lot 39 Store & Café

Mind Your Money Services

From bookkeeping and payroll, through to business strategy and systems, we offer a holistic suite of tailored services.

Mind Your Money Business Strategist

Connecting with your profit

Profit Strategy

Gain clarity and certainty about your business’ position and potential – we work with you to measure performance, forecast future scenarios and define your lifestyle goals and profit plan (and how to reach them). Pro-active planning and strategy deliver long-term and sustainable success.

Mind Your Money Business Systems

Connecting to the cloud

Business Systems

Stop doing things the hard way and gain control over your business systems. We analyse your current systems and partner with you to identify and implement smart tech solutions and automations. Embrace the opportunities that come with cloud accounting and get your systems working for you.

Mind Your Money Online Bookkeeper

Connecting you with your numbers

Bookkeeping & BAS

Have confidence that your books, financial records and BAS reporting are always up-to-date and meet ATO requirements. Build a strong foundation so you can create a financially fit business.

Mind Your Money Payroll Services

Connecting with your team


With employee onboarding and complete payroll management, we ensure payments are accurate, timely and compliant with legislation. Take care of your people so they can take care of your business.

Cloud Accounting Specialist

XERO Silver Partner Badge
Pure Bookkeeping Certified
The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Meet Enrika Grogan

Your partner in BusinessLife

Self-confessed numbers nerd and champion of small business owners, Enrika Grogan heads up Mind Your Money. Enrika and her team work with clients to deliver meticulous bookkeeping with a focus on creating profitable businesses and sustainable business lifestyles.

Having run several family businesses with her husband for over twelve years, Enrika understands the challenges (and rewards) of being in business. And with four active kids, she’s living proof it’s possible to successfully  juggle the demands of running a business and raising a family.

For Enrika, it’s not about aiming for balance, it’s about consciously creating a BusinessLife that allows business owners to find meaning in their work while still having time and energy to do the things they love.

Along with her real-world experience, clients benefit from Enrika’s time spent in industry working as a Process Engineer and Operations Manager plus her investment in a Diploma of Management Practice, certification as a qualified bookkeeper and a Diploma of Payroll.

And the Enrika you’ll find when she’s not working with her clients on business building? She’s a joy-seeking, deep-thinking adventurer. You’ll catch her spending time outdoors with her kids, reading books, sipping wine, enjoying good food with good company, running trails and generally embracing life with positivity and zest.

Enrika Grogan Bookkeeper Business Strategist

Expertise You Can Trust

Mind Your Money BAS Agent

Business Strategist

Mind Your Money Certified Bookkeeper

Qualified BAS Agent

Mind Your Money Business Strategist

Certified Bookkeeper

Create more time for the things that matter in your BusinessLife.

Enrika Grogan Bookkeeper Business Strategist

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